Larry Brock is currently the principal at Brock Cyber Security Consulting – LLC, which helps companies improve their capabilities to protect, detect and respond to attacks on their intellectual property from both insider and advanced cyber threats.

He retired from DuPont as the Chief Information Security Officer in 2012.  He was also a Chief Information Officer of the Nylon Flooring business unit within DuPont and served as an Information Security Officer within the United States Air Force.  He was assigned to the National Security Agency and served on active duty with the NSA for 4 years followed by a reserve capacity for 26 years.  He holds 30+ years of experience in Information Technology, Marketing, and Research & Development.

Larry was responsible for leading the development and implementation of manufacturing product control, materials management, engineering maintenance, quality maintenance, quality management and data warehouse systems.  His expertise on these matters led him to be featured in publications by the Executive Alliance Publishing House

He made a large impact on the company while working in the Corporate IT group.  He is responsible for leading the migration to open-based systems for both networking and computing.  He also led the deployment of imaging based systems for DuPont Research and Development, which included a patented system to electronically move radiographs between hospitals and remote physicians.

Larry has BS and MS degrees in Electrical Engineering from The University of Memphis and is a Certified Information Security Manager.