ISE® Vantage™


Board Meeting Preparation and Communications

Communications between the CISO and company board of directors is vital to ensuring security efforts are supported, both in policy and fiscal resources. Cultivating your relationship with the board will not only create a foundation for collaboration but will position you and your security team as trusted business allies, especially in times of crisis. Whether you seek training for the long term or need help building a strategic presentation for a specific meeting or presentation, our ISE® Industry Experts can help you craft your message and prepare for your board engagements so that you successfully meet your goals.

CISO Sales Workshop

Held as a standalone program or in conjunction with a Sales Kick Off Meeting and led by an ISE® Industry Expert, the CISO Sales Workshop offers executive management, sales and marketing teams real-world perspectives on buying life-cycle and procurement processes of large enterprise and mid-market organizations. This unique and incredibly insightful session also provides sales force preparedness and coaching on the techniques associated with relationship selling to a top-tier technology and security executive. Larger groups may engage multiple ISE® Industry Experts for additional insight and knowledge-sharing.

B2B Development

Forging new business relationships is key in helping your own organization grow and flourish. With decades of successful partnerships, real world industry experience and expansive network connections, our ISE® Industry Experts can help you broaden your own B2B horizons. We offer consultation services to help you find the best potential partners as well as help with proposal writings. Once you’ve forged new business partnerships, our ISE® Industry Experts can provide you with on-going consultation and advisory services to help generate profitable, long term business relationships.

Leadership Consulting

Through both one-on-one and group options, our leadership consulting and mentoring program can help you and your information security team members grow as managers and leaders align with the business.  Building on decades of leadership experience, our ISE® Industry Experts can provide your up-and-coming security manager with the communication skills and knowledge to bridge the gap between the tech and business worlds thus ensuring that both sides of the organization are working in concert to be successful, respected business leaders.

Specialty Speaking Engagements

Many situations call for input from a third party expert to validate the information provided by a CISO. Our ISE® Industry Experts bring nearly 200 years of collective knowledge and experience across numerous fields and areas of expertise. By sharing their varied and storied experiences, they can provide corporate boards, steering committees, IT leadership and CISOs with guidance and validity. Our team also offers guest speaker services for special engagements, corporate luncheons, and a variety of other business functions and industry conferences.

Advisory Services

With a vault of knowledge based on real world experience across different verticals and skill sets, our ISE® Industry Experts offer advisory coaching sessions for CISOs and Information Security solution providers. This on-going advisory service can give CISOs and solution providers insight into real world experiences, providing them with the industry insights, market direction, strategic planning and the best practices in building a world class security program.