ISE® Retained Search



In today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape, your organization needs strong security leadership to best protect your most valuable assets. You need a Chief Information Security Officer who fully comprehends your business strategy and needs, the scope of your data and infrastructure, and areas of vulnerability. Someone who possesses the experience, knowledge and leadership abilities to lead a world class security program.

But finding the best candidate requires more than a position description; it requires robust industry knowledge, a practical understanding of the CISO/CSO role, and a proactive, innovative approach built on trust, collaboration and confidentiality.

Building on more than 20 years of dedicated Information Security Executive Recruiting experience and T.E.N’s network of over 25,000 Information Security and Technology Risk Management leaders, ISE® Talent provides unparalleled industry expertise and access to leadership talent. The team at ISE® Talent understands what it takes to fulfill these vital roles and responsibilities because they too are InfoSec professionals. Once retained, ISE® Talent will conduct a transparent, efficient search that goes beyond stacks of resumes to identify candidates that are truly the right fit for your organization. We understand that every moment the CISO role is open, your company’s risk profile grows exponentially. Therefore, we are committed to efficient execution, working smarter to reduce time, cost and risk to deliver maximum value.

ISE® Talent’s Four Phase Search Strategy

Using our four phase search strategy, ISE® Talent will evaluate, screen, and present potential candidates and assist you in finding the professional that best meets the requirements and needs of your organization.

Phase I: Position Identification, Evaluation and Commencement of Search
Based on the completed profile provided by the Client, ISE® Talent will begin our search for the ideal candidate. This process includes ample research on not only potential applicants already identified by ISE® Talent, but also possible candidates known to the client, as well as candidates of competing corporations. We take full responsibility for finding and screening all applicants.

Phase II: Pre-Screening and Vetting of Candidates
Once potential candidates are found, we will evaluate them against our candidate profile. This process includes personal interviews with each candidate as well as developing a complete written profile on them. Each candidate’s profile lists their professional and technical qualifications, job-related interests, compensation packages, objectives, and an overall assessment of the candidate’s suitability.

Phase III: Candidate Selection and Presentation
Candidates who meet the screening criteria will then be presented to the client. ISE® Talent will submit written profiles and resumes on each candidate to be interviewed. We will also coordinate timely interviews with client representatives. Candidate references will be provided upon client’s request.

Phase IV: Offer and Acceptance
After the final candidates have met with the client’s representatives, ISE® Talent will discuss the client’s reactions and impressions of the different candidates. We will also assist the selected candidate with advice on relocation, long-term professional growth, and be available for continuous assistance as required. In the event that none of the candidates meet the client’s needs or if the offer is declined, ISE® Talent will continue to search for more prospective candidates.

If within 6 months from the Candidate's Start Date, it becomes necessary to terminate and replace a selected Candidate, ISE® Talent will conduct a search for the replacement without an additional consulting fee.